ARRIVAL OF CADETS 9th and 10th

  • All cadets of New 9th and 10th Class are here by informed to report on 23rd Sep 2020 (0800-1400 hrs) at college along with  COVID-19 Test Report (i.e PCR), which will be produced at Main Gate of the College.
  • Only one parent i.e Mother, Father or Guardian will accompany the cadet.
  • Cadets will appear for IgG/ IgM Test at Main Gate, while their parents will move to ‘Waiting Area’.
  • Parents will wait in ‘Waiting Area’ till the time of cadets’ COVID-19 Test i.e IgG/IgM.
  • In case, any cadet is found with positive report, he will be returned back home with his parents.
  • All Cadets to report in college dress with fresh hair cut
  • All cadets must be in possession of following documents:-
    • PCR Report from authentic lab
    • Copies of Bank Receipt – Monthly Fee/ Cash amount for Clearance of their pending Monthly Fee, if any.

If any cadet fails to submit above mentioned documents, they will be sent back.