GOC Visit & Mile Competition

Mile competition was held between senior most class and first year. GOC 23 Div Maj Gen Salman Fayyaz was the chief guest at the occasion. Whole college along with the chief guest witnessed a great physical show from the cadets of both senior most classes. This competition was held in a view, firstly to bid farewell to the second year in a unique way so that they themselves and juniors should remember this event forever, secondly juniors should see their seniors, follow their footsteps and admire their efforts during their stay. Previously we had farewell sports competition that was played between both the classes with high spirit and good sportsmanship.

The results of the sports competition are as following:

  1. Football was won by first year during penalties
  2. Hockey was won by first year under 3:1
  3. While basketball and volleyball went to second year with 51:50 and 2:1 respectively. Results for mile competition were as following
  4. First year aggregate was 622 points and with an average of 77.7%
  5. Second year aggregate was 574 with an average of 71.7%.

First year won the mile competition convincingly, knowing that they will be challenged next year by their juniors. Chief Guest handed over the prizes to the winners and runners up. Chief Guest talked to cadets about his sweet memories of teen age. He said that future of Pakistan is in good hands after witnessing the performance of cadets. The event concluded as the chief guest had refreshments with the Commandant and faculty members.