Message by Commandant MCJ for Alamgirians

Dear Alamgirians

College, with direct involvement of entry of 1982 is establishing an Alamgirians’ Lounge at the College in 1st class room of the original academic block (towards Sher Shah House). It will be furnished by Feb 2019 InshaAllah. It is however functional now.

  • The lounge will have good sofa sets and chairs and without disturbing the originality of the class room, furnished like a drawing room.
  • It will have material and equipment available for making tea in electric kettle and a few dry snacks like biscuits always available. It’s free for Alamgirians, if they do not want to pay.
  • Any Alamgirian visiting from 1st to last light (till Maghrib) is most welcome to have rest here.
  • Only Alamgirians and ex faculty members are allowed. Families are allowed only when accompanying them.
  • If you inform the college a day earlier, snacks can be served in the lounge on payment.
  • Identification of Alamgirians is necessary and we hope that you will understand the reason for that.
  • No seniority should ideally work in there.
  • We have also prepared the 3rd class room as original class room so you can show that to your family. This class room is having original old setup and furniture. Commandant uses it to take some classes even now.
  • All entries are invited to keep a momento in the lounge and class room as a memory of this entry and entry mates. Acceptance of souvenirs and momento is subject to its aesthetics.
  • The second class room will be converted to another lounge or brought into suitable use when funds are available.

 Ideas are invited.

Kindly circulate this information during your get together and in any such forum.

Brig Zahid Naseem Akbar