Scholarship for High Achievers / Welfare Fund – Academics

     Institutions are living souls to reciprocate and instill values that stand the test of time and Military College Jhelum is one of these institutions that can proudly be accounted for in the list. Your Alma Mater is a place where you started your life. This is a place that gifted you with such friends who are always there for you. This is a place which provided you with the best time of your life. In short, this is a place which is very difficult to define in words…..

“You are proud to be called Alamgirian”

          We know that the home we live and grow up in is more than just four walls/boundaries. It stores both sweet and sour memories of its inhabitants. Every wall, every corner has a meaning; every sign wears a story. When the time comes to say adieu to the house, even the walls are full of emotions and tears.

         Your Alma Mater has gone through a significant change due to the New Master Plan which was implemented from the year 2014 till 2017, in which training facilities are upgraded by the construction of Alamgirian Academic Block, Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Mosque, Main Gate along with reception and renovation/uplift of Musa Hall. Some of the old buildings were demolished but still number of vintage buildings like Sher Shah House, MGH, BH, CH, Museum, Prof Saeed Rashid Block, Administrative Wing, Old Commandant Office and Old Commandant House are there which are as old as the institution itself, that is 95 years old. A number of other facilities including more houses have been added to accommodate the increasing no of cadets and residential accommodation for faculty and staff.

        Military College Jhelum being a boarding institution where cadets are inducted each year in Class-VIII. Your Alma Mater has an embodied mission of educating and grooming these future leaders physically, mentally, and morally with a view to nurturing their requisite leadership qualities for induction into the Pakistan Military Academy.

        As we know that cadets of this institution hail from different socio-economic backgrounds of the society. College is planning to offer SCHOLARSHIPS with the objective of providing incentives to TALENTED and NEEDY STUDENTS to pursue quality education with equal opportunities to fulfill their dreams and aspirations and enable them to focus on their ACADEMICS and BRIGHT FUTURE.     

       It is pertinent to mention that we are trying to establish an account for ACCEPTANCE of DONATIONS from  Alamgirians to be utilized for Talented and Needy students. Therefore, I will request you to extend a helping hand by injecting monetary assistance in the account mentioned above. The selection will be made through a mature system and on merit. The deserving will be benefited from your help.

       If you have any questions, please feel free to reach our Project Coordinator General Staff Officer – II (Training). Details for contact:-

           I would thank you in advance for your generosity. I am looking forward to enhancing college and its resources by collaborating with Alamgirians like you with a passion for “PAYING BACK APPROACH”.