Won 3 Bronze Medals in 5th National Youth / Junior Air Weapon Shooting Championship-2016

In order to provide army with best firer from gross root level, Military College Jhelum in collaboration with Army Marksmen Unit Jmr, selected 15 cadets from class 1st year on voluntarily basis for air weapon shooting training in May 2016. Capt Sami of AMU trained these cadets for the 5th National Youth/Junior Air weapon Shooting Championship 2016, which was organized by Pakistan Navy in Karachi. After going through the training cycle of 2 and half months, 5 out of 15 firers were sel by AMU for the championship.  These cadets were representing army in the championship. In the championship out of 5, 3 cadets earn laurels to Army and this College by winning 3 bronze medals in the shooting championship. This also marked the history of Military College Jhelum to represent army in any national lvl championship and winning of 3 bronze medals.